Saturday, July 11, 2009

something new, something old

Thursday and Friday were a hit and a repeat: Thursday featured a succulent teriyaki-glazed swordfish.

[clockwise from rice]

- rice
(gohan ご飯)
- braised potatoes (jagaimo no kinpira じゃがいものきんぴら)
- swordfish teriyaki (kajiki no teriyaki 照り焼き)
- vegetables dressed w/soy broth (dashi shouyu ae だし醤油あえ)
- milk (gyuunuu 牛乳)

But Friday's meal closely resembled Monday's, that is to say, spaghetti bolognese. This one apparently had beans in it. Somewhere. I can't complain though, the potatoes were good, and the cute teacher gave me a big helping...

[clockwise from spaghetti]

- spaghetti bolognese (bīnzu iri mīto sōsu supagettei ビーンズいりミート ソーススパゲッテイ)
- salad (sarada サラダ)
- fried potatoes (jagaimo kara age じゃがいもからあげ)
- milk (gyuunuu 牛乳)

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