Monday, June 29, 2009

It begins.

Hello there! This is a new blog to share my love of Japanese school lunches, called kyuushoku. I have found precious little (English language) information on the art of kyuushoku, and would like to provide some insight into these simple but delicious meals.

Among other odd jobs, I work part time at four elementary schools in Tokyo. As I understand it, school lunches in Japan, like many countries, can be less than acceptable. Maybe it's because I am in a good part of Tokyo, or maybe because I never eat breakfast and proceed to work the children with the zeal of an aerobics coach, but I am blessed with consistently delicious kyuushoku. And for that I am so, so very grateful.

Obviously the biggest problem for the reader is: how to relate? I mean, who the hell really gets a chance to eat lunch at elementary schools in Japan, anyway? But wait! It's a fascinating culinary world that I am lucky enough to travel in without getting, uh, arrested. Hence the blog. If you can't try the food, at least you might relate to the feeling of eating simple food cooked with love and care. In that sense, I'd like to share my own photos and thoughts about kyuushoku, as well as recipes, links, and anything else!

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  1. ui'd like to know some recipes, i'm a cook and would like to find some international recipes to serve