Monday, June 29, 2009

video overview

Wonder of wonders, the school lunch today was exactly the same as yesterday. This is possible, given that I work at four schools. But equally delicious, although I could have eaten about 3 times the amount they gave me. Is it wrong to be tempted to steal food from children? What about fat children?

So instead of posting a kyuushoku photo, here is a hilarious video of kyuushoku from Sendai, Japan. The dramatic music is PER-FECT, and there are quite a lot of interesting dishes. I'm still learning Japanese, so have no idea what the text says (yet!), sorry. Judging from the poor picture quality and ubiquitous bread, forks and knives (e.g. no chopsticks) I am guessing these examples are more historical. As I understand, current kyuushoku is actually more traditionally Japanese than that of the last 60 years!

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  1. wah, make more japanese culture and the japanese life please...