Tuesday, September 1, 2009

annnnnnnnd...we're back.

Welcome back creepy stalkers! I mean, friends and family!

It's the start of September, and that means the long summer vacation is over. Typhoon season is upon us, and my apartment smells like musty old socks now. But no matter, I'm once again nourished by sweet sweet kyuushoku.

I had lunch with a first grade class today. They were enthralled, as was I. I would say the amount of enthrallment was equal. Someone asked me something about bugs, and I answered "cockroach" which caused the entire class to erupt in pandemonium. It was possibly the wrong answer. A girl told me she likes fish skin the best, and saves it for last. Imagine hearing that from and American kid. Ha!

Speaking of which, we had a nice salmon teriyaki, although the picture doesn't do it much justice:

[clockwise from rice]

- rice (gohan ご飯)
- salmon teriyaki (shake no teriyaki 鮭の照り焼き)
- braised potatoes (jagaimo no kinpira itame じゃがいものきんぴら炒め)
- milk (gyuunuu 牛乳)
- miso soup (sumashi jiru すまし汁)

Yesterday was the first school lunch I've had to eat alone. Normally after I finish teaching 4th period, I go wait in the teacher's lounge until a gaggle of students fetch me. But the teacher simply forgot. So I ended up eating in the lounge, with the teacher apologizing to me at least, say, 40 times. This morning she continued by apologizing to the entire faculty. I thought she was going to commit ritual seppuku. Robbed of the pleasure of company, perhaps the meal was not so memorable. The P.E. teacher went to charming lengths to secure me some dipping sauce however.

[clockwise from bread]

- "shortening" bread (shōtoningu pan ショートニングパン)
- milk (gyuunuu 牛乳)
- boiled cabbage (yude kyabetsu ゆでキャベツ)
- bean croquette (bīnzukorokke ビーンスコロッケ)
- seaweed and egg soup (wakame to tomago sūpu わかめと卵のスープ )

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